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[GO] [1.6] [1.3] The Road to Redemption - An Old Man's CS Story

So, I'm sitting here at work being a nerd and talking to my buddies about Counter-Strike, when it started to occusadden/angere-sadden me realizing just how long I have played Counter-Strike for.
So, this sad realization has driven me to reminisce a bit and thus has created a tiny challenge in my mind to try and remember some highlights over the multitude of years.
[INTRODUCTION] Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Mike, I go by the handle CRACKY. I started playing Counter-Strike September 1999 during the 2nd stage of the betas. To put that in perspective: this was a time when there was no "Steam" - Half-Life, and by extension Counter-Strike, ran off of WON Servers. My WONid was 650137 - that's right HL didn't even sell 1 million copies yet when I began playing.
[AND SO IT BEGINS..] I started playing on a server called Utah CS where I met a great bunch of gamers, many of whom I still keep in contact with. As a group we eventually migrated to the server group called Daargoth's Lair (later known as Gooder's Ride), which was widely popular at the time where many future high caliber players gamed at.
I started to get interested in the competitive scene during my run at Daargoth's Lair. The most popular leagues at that time were DomainOfGames (DoG) and OGL (Yes, THAT OGL). It was during this time where I started following teams like X3, 62FE, zEx, and tons of others. DoG unfortunately was mismanaged and eventually shut down due to the growing popularity of a new league.. the Cyberathelete Amatuer League aka CAL. I witnessed something beautiful with the infancy of CAL - seeing the community, volunteers, and players all coming together in such a way that was remarkable. I didn't appreciate (IE: miss) it as much then as I do now, but that was also because I was incredibly young during those times.
[A NEW CHALLENGER HAS APPEARED] The competitive scene started to flourish and CAL was hitting the ground running. CS finally hit retail with version 1.0 (which quickly became 1.1) and I decided it was time I finally become part of that scene. I met a player by the name of SirSMokesAlot and together with some other guys we found at Daargoth's Lair was created the team called KiNgZ and entered CAL. Everything about the league was wonderfully laid out and the interactions with the volunteers was generally pleasant.Just like any other team we started off in CAL-o. We were new in the league and generally unknown. Our first run went surprisingly well and ended up making playoffs losing in the first or second round, which was enough to gain us a move up. During this time CAL was so bloated with teams that they decided to create a new division called CAL-intermediate or CAL-im for short. As a team we buckled down, did some roster changes and stayed committed. Again, we had a very successful season, so successful that we won the first season of CAL-im and moved up to CAL-main or CAL-m for short. It was during this time that Smokie decided to change the name of the team to Shockwave (I believe during this time is also when X3 changed their name to 3D - yes, THAT 3D). It was also during this time that the game transitioned to the 1.3 update. Once again we did some roster changes, buckled down and once again made playoffs. We made an impact once again and made it deep into playoffs giving us a berth to CAL-Invite or CAL-i for short. Our IRC channel was exploding and our team was gaining notoriety, which was well deserved.
Then something happened that I regret; I started to doubt my playing abilities. I was never known for carrying the scoreboard, although I did from time to time - my specialty was being able to out smart players and clutch needed rounds. I was always a solid support players, but I constantly ragged myself about my inability to score the shots that some of the other "star" players could do. So, shortly into our CAL-i season I decided to have a talk with Smokie and informed him I was leaving.
From there I was a CAL-m warrior for quite a long time. I played on some notable teams (Like ReacT and Metis) and some not so notable ones. Eventually 1.6 and CS:Source rolled around and I decided to try juggling being on two different teams while playing two different versions of the game. In 1.6 I was CAL-Premier or CAL-p for short, with ReaL and in CS:Source I was CAL-m with STUDs. Eventually both teams disbanded and I decided to take players from both sides and form a new 1.6/CS:Source team called WildCard. In 1.6 we were pretty forgettable in CAL-m and eventually decided to focus just CS:Source. After making playoffs once again we were contacted by the owner of iLLicit Gaming and got sponsored. In order to increase our bid to get noticed and moved to CAL-i we decided that attending CPL was our best bet. That summer I found myself on a plane heading down to Texas for Summer CPL 2005.
[CPL? BRING IT ON] Now, I'm not sure how many of you have ever played on a large stage before, but being a person who has attended multiple LANs before - CPL put them all to shame. The resort (The Gaylord - yeah bad name) was amazing and the playing area was HUGE and stacked with teams and gamers. It was during this time at CPL that I got to meet some pretty awesome players and teams, like verGe, No Namers, The Existence, MTW.ati and many others. We were extremely nervous, but we ended up dominating our first game, which helped break the ice. 2nd round started off with a bit of controversy - the team that placed 2nd in CAL-m arrived a day late and missed their first round. Instead of being disqualified the admins decided that they should play us (they knocked us out 2nd round of the CAL playoffs so we wanted blood). This ended up being one of the most exciting matches of the entire tournament with a huge crowd gathering behind us. We went toe-to-toe with them on de_cpl_mill (I know - we all miss that map) and ended up losing 16-14. It was a hard loss, but we fought hard and made our impact. In the lower brackets we knocked out one team and then got paired against verGe on de_inferno. After having, what I felt, was a poor performance the game before I decided to sit this one out - which ended up being the right decision. Strata, wonderful guy, went completely off on verGe and gave us a dominating performance to knock out verGe. We were getting excited because this was putting a very realistic race to emerge from the lower brackets. The next team we faced was MTW.ati, which also was met with some controversy. It was during this time that the CAL servers were having issues and somehow their internet feed came though their tournament area so instead of playing on LAN servers we were playing on internet servers.. with 100 ping. The admins refused to listen to our protests and ultimately we lost to MTW.ati. MTW came up to us afterwards and felt bad - they knew we were the better team and fully admitted that they expected to lose to us. They were a wonderful team and a great group of guys, so losing to them wasn't as bad as it could have been. When the dust settled we ended up placing 15th overall (No Namers went on to place 2nd). We figured we had the CAL-i berth easily, especially after placing higher than most of the CAL-m playoff competitors that season, but CAL decided to move up several teams below us (two of which died before the season started - nj CAL!). After dedicating so much and being so disappointed, three of my guys decided they had enough and retired, which left our core roster shattered and we were forced to disband. I felt burned - we went from one of the top 15 teams in CS to dead.
[DRIFTER] After the team disbanded I was pretty salty, but I met some great teams while I was at CPL and ended up joining up with The Existence after they successfully got moved up to CAL-i. Unfortunately my play style didn't mesh well with their team and I ended up leaving after a season. From there I took a little time off and just rang for teams for a bit until I was contacted by one of the guys from CSE - a team we played multiple times in the CAL-m playoffs. It wasn't long before we saw how well we meshed together and I joined up.
[ALL GOOD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END] For those of you who have played for as long as I have - you know who CSE is. The name was admittedly horrible, but they were arguably one of the first CS teams ever with a rich history. This ended up being my longest run with any team I have played with - we've been playing together for roughly 10 years - and we still find the time to get together once in awhile to game. But, like the title suggests, all good things must come to an end. We made CAL-m playoffs several seasons in a row (5 seasons in a row in fact) and we even won Stompfest LAN for both CS:Source and TF2, but again no CAL-i berth - I decided (as were the feelings of several others on the team) that it was time to retire and after playing competitively for 10 years (2000 to 2010) I hung up the mouse.
[BACK TO THE.... PRESENT] So now we are brought to present day. A new version of CS with a whole new, and younger, audience. Being an older guy now, I sit back and reflect at what an incredible journey this game has had. From a simple mod, to a full retail release to now being a mainstream competitive game featured on TV (Ignoring the forgettable CGS TV series - yuck).
I find myself still feeling that competitive itch even though I don't have the skill I once had (two kids and a job will do that to you!), but I'll do what I have always done - keep fighting and reaching for that next level.
I am now a Twitch streamer - my channel goes by the same name as my Reddit account. I have always been deeply rooted in the CS community. I have written for CS Central (before it died) and GotFrag (before it became MLG). I was also a CAL admin for 3 seasons and a CAL-AC admin for two.
How about the rest of you? Does anyone else feel that nostalgia from time to time? Like seeing a classic zEx vs 3D match or EG versus SK (Talking Heaton/SpawN era). Who was your favorite team to follow?
Share! Let's all reminisce together! Also, feel free to ask questions, I love talking about the history of CS!
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