Why Is My Trust Factor Low Csgo

Counter strafing

I've been playing CSGO for more than 3k hours. Since my start, I haven't got down the fundamentals of the game and have no idea whats counter strafing.
My movement since i was MG1 was instead of counter strafing, I would release my movement key allowing me to stop and shoot. I've been doing that till now and had reach Global Elite in Matchmaking and Level 10 on Faceit.
I received a comment from a friend which is playing professionally that my movement was abit slow. Right now, i dont know what should I do.
Should i fully change my movement mechanics? And i bet after 3.5k hours I know when I need to release my movement keys :3
Is there anypros out there not counter strafing?
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1500+ Hours Nuke Only player here with useful CT side BHOP

Hi guys,


Someone was helpful enough to point out that what I do is called jump-bug. This is now a tutorial on how to jump-bug in Nuke, I guess.
from what I can identify this is not a strafe jump


I've played approximately 1500+ hours on only nuke because I have 1600 hours in the game and nuke is legitimately the only map I've ever really played (I have never qued anything else unless forced to). There is a useful way to use a slide jump / crouch b-hop technique to gain momentum on most slope environments in the game. This used to be a bit broken on the old inferno if you managed to land the jumps on the slant down mid.
To get rid of people going UHHH scripter, or UHHH autohop, here is a video of me performing the jump with nothing but crouch, spacebar, and a mouse (video). This CAN be performed legitimately in the Valve matchmaking servers. It does take some practice, though.

Disclaimer (in light of user comments)

I'm being informed that you don't need to slide jump in order to achieve that effect (it's just what I do because I'm so used to it). Sure that's cool, I bet the higher level CSGO players are aware of all of the mechanics applicable to the source engine (and I would be stoked to see a video showcasing this without slide jumping). Regardless it holds you can gain momentum using ramps and your choice of trick jumping and there are useful applications of that in de_nuke (see below). I can only teach you one way of doing it and how you perform the trick jump up to you. It's possible the crouch timing is just making it easier for me to perform regular bunny hops - it might help you too. This means what I'm saying below might not be accurate (I'm not a ph00n god okay), but if you don't know anything about trick-jumping and simply want to be able to replicate the jump I'm doing then you just need to use the slide-jump method below. I have edited the YouTube video to properly inform how bad my hopping is.

I want to learn your method! What do I need to know?

You must know how to crouch-bhop/slide jump to gain momentum. The effect you gain by doing this on CSGO is a MASSIVE boost in speed and momentum (its a bit broken, to be honest on a lot of surfaces). Slide jumping is a lot easier than strafe jumping (which is where you strafe to gain momentum when bunny hopping), and is usually good for two-three hops in CSGO only if you can land the initial jump. To perform this essentially you want to be releasing crouch just before you hit jump such that the character maximises his legs and lands just as you jump, so think kangaroo.
I recommend googling "how to slide jump" or "how to crouch bunny hop" on YouTube (this is a technique which I learned about in my competitive Halo 2/3 days and when I moved over to PC gaming (mostly CPMA) found it applicable to most physics engines. I find strafe jumping is that much more popular that slide-jumping is not done too much on that platform even by high-level players). If you don't know what slide jumps are, they are jumps which move faster by pressing crouch when you land on a slope. Think of it like a poor mans strafe-jump (except this might be useful since strafe jumps were "fixed" by Valve).
Can you teach me how to do it?
Sure! Slide jumping is the console version of strafe-jumping because it was the most efficient form of bunny-hopping we could do. I couldn't find a better explanation than this, and it works in MOST FPS games - so for the real tryhards out there it's worth knowing about.
The time window is this... You want your uncrouch animation to finish as you land. Eventually, this will feel natural to you. The "landing" sound effect plays exactly as you land which will provide a useful indicator when you are learning. Essentially, you want to be jumping as soon as you land and releasing crouch literally frames before you are able to hear the "landing" sound effect (so frames before you land). It isn't generous, but it doesn't have to be perfect either. Here is my inputs video
Slide jumping momentum is attained only on the jump. It carries that momentum to the next. So, the easiest places to practice slide jumping are where you are able to jump off a ramp, then jump back onto a ramp (if you do it right you won't only maintain momentum but you'll get a boost). One of the easiest places to practice is "Ramp"


Once you have the technique down (see above) slide jump as advised in the video.
Your initial jump should be pretty easy to do if you practised enough on the ramp. Your initial jump should aim to land about here. Otherwise you will hit your head on the hanger (which just slows you down more). From there, you need to jump on flat ground, which with the technique will simply maintain your momentum (you won't gain any mid-air speed - remember slide jumps are not strafe jumps and get their momentum from uneven surfaces).
Usually, I can only get the ramp jump off (which is enough to warrant a boost). After six or seven attempts I managed to get a triple jump. Most games you should be aiming for the first slide jump and the second. Since the jump relies on the initial momentum from the ramp, my recommendation would be every game you are going to hanger from CT side to attempt it and only continue if you land the first jump The demonstration video is to show you what is possible if you have 1500 hours doing this every game (from my competitive Halo days this is something I was interested in experimenting with from the start).
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My current thoughts on PUBG and why it's dying over time - my opinion (long time FPS gamer)

I have been playing FPS games since CS 1.6, source, csgo etc. Played PUBG since like early 2017 after the game was gifted to me by a steam friend.
I will say that I LOVED this game for the longest time and I still do but my passion is gone by at least 70%. I played many hours per day until I had PC issues / the game running badly for alot of people / awful servers / alot of lag and it caused me to take a break this summer from like june to mid august. Before I take a 2 months break the game was still popular...but since I came back it seems the peak players has gone from near 2m to average 1m peak player per day.
I think PUBG Is trying too hard to add too many things at once in the game for the lack of changes or updates they had in the first year but they are adding completly useless things now...
1) TOO many added unecessary weapons and riffles in such short time that literally have no difference at all between one or another (QBZ, M4, SCAR, few more literally all the same thing with little to no difference at all if you can aim) like whats the point of adding a QBZ?? literally its just a m4 under a new name.
2) TOO many added grips that weren't even needed to add and being able to put AR grips on DMR...I prefered in the past when it was harder to find grips for snipers (well DMR isnt a sniper but you know what I mean) it just feel weird when I have a DMR that I can put AR grip on it and then I can also put sniper grip on it. Snipers and DMR should have a harder time getting grips and it should be rarer.
3) They removed RAIN and FOG from the old maps months ago when it simply should have been tweaked a little to view farther down the fog and the rain being less loud. it brought so much diversity to the game.
4) The new sanhok map SUCKS, its terrible...the FAST-PACED action is the only good thing about the map. everything else sucks. The map look terrible if im being honest and it look very very plain. The buildings are boring, all the same TOO MUCH loot (yes I SAID IT) theres just too much loot, its great I guess for early drops to not die without a weapon but I enjoyed having to work for my gear in the old maps and be like "Omg gg rofl just found a m4 and a scar and comp and 3x kits in the same building and alvl 3 armor) now u get that shit every building you go to....it ruins the fun
The map look too much like fortnite. The trees / colors / look alot more childish ish if I can say so than the older maps. The building are also terrible, they all look very plain and all look the same, the interior of buildings have way too many windows and theres literally nothing inside any building.
5) The new map has vehicules and they keep adding new vehicules for that map but there's 0 need for any vehicules on that map as it cause u to die more often than not and often the circles are so close u can run very easily to circles even if u are far away...0 need for any vehicule on the new map.
One of the main reason I loved the old maps was you were FORCED to use vehicules to get to certain destination or you would DIE most likely if u dont have boosts and kits. I just enjoyed driving like GTA style in PUBG, but also having a REASON to drive.
New map the vehicules are just there, theres 0 need to use any vehicules anymore...
6) No fkin stats in-game that matters...people are so bored with the game, everyone hot-drop We need a real ranking system that people can take seriously based on WIN rate and KDR.....NOT just ranking top 10 hiding everywhere.
7) WE CANT even pick any map single handedly....If we want to play eragel only we have to select the miramar map as well. Why??? if u give us option to pick map then give us the damn option to actually pick ONE. not having to pick between old and new maps.
I think though overall they should never have added the option to select the map you want. it killed the game cuz now everyone now only play the new map just because theres more action and its more fast-paced and I can understand that...and by OVERPLAYING the new map once u go back to eragel etc it FEELS so SLOW.
8) WAYYY too many scopes in the game.. 3x is NOT NEEDED and it looks terrible 6X is so good that it makes 8x very useless
9) I see PUBG is still trying to add new vehicules for the new map / unecessary new weapons etc and they're killing their own game. What pubg needs is
1- Bring back rain, fog, for ALL maps like the old days and just fix the visual and sound problems that it had before that people complained about. 2- Add a snow map and a night mode 3- Stop adding so many weapons that aren't needed especially riffles, there are enough of them already. 4- Stop adding new grips unless its very necessary 5- Add a real matchmaking ranking system 6- Fix the lag and servers (kinda fixed for the most part nowdays) 7- Remove the pick your map option or give us the option to pick between eragel and miramar 8- Finish the 4x4 sanhok map better...the map when u look at it feels 50% complete. its lacking and the map feels rushed when u look and play it. 9- Make the future maps 6X6 minimum or 8x8 again but just make it more fast-paced with faster blue zones and maybe a 10% loot increase on older maps. at least on these maps now we will have a reason to use vehicules and not just to look "cool" and drive them for fun lol 10- quit adding scopes (I bet you in the future they will add a 5x scope lol or a 7x)
There are so many wrongs with the game I think since they added sanhok....they tried to add too many updates too fast without thinking it feels like.
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Overall Feedback from a Spectator's POV for a better understanding of what's going on.

Hi all, back again with feedback already.
So, I did way more watching this weekend instead of playing to get an overall feel of everything. I will start off by saying the Spectating functions are really solid and promising. Really not much to complain about. Lots of options to tweak and will make capturing matches very easy and cinematic. Good job. I’ll provide more insight and feedback on spectating another time. Watching games from other regions had lots of rubberbanding, but I suppose that’s expected. Quickly moving onto the actual game itself… we’re going to need to step back quite a bit and relook a lot of things going on. I’ve broke feedback down into 4 different categories.
In game mechanic improvements:
-Health Regeneration should be taken out. Promotes waiting out of combat for health instead of seeking health from nearby teammates. I’ve noticed a lot of injured players fall out of combat to hide until regeneration. It takes away from the game and the viewers. It's the medic's job, or kits with healthing abilities to keep the team's health in good shape and the players should communicate and work with them, they are a crucial piece to the team. From the sample of games watched, I could tell teams were not communicating and medics were only healing half as much as they could have been. Reviving seemed to be pretty fluent across the games, so at least that's good. Make damage and fearing death more important. This will be one crucial step in forcing teams to work together.
-Less ammo for players. (Not saying way less, i think we may need to see some magazine sizes adjusted, etc) Lots of solo/rambo players just running around without fearing ammo shortage and dying. Saw Mortar Support players drop ammo maybe a handful of times, and usually just for themselves. Make teamwork mandatory and separation of the team actually dangerous and risky. Make medics and supports crucial to the success of a match. This will promote more people to stick together and execute tactics together.
-Return of the sprinting fatigue. Will increase positional awareness, will keep teams tighter together. Can’t run around by yourself endlessly when sprint fatigue exists, right?
-AT Guns seem pretty poorly placed in some sectors/aren't that great to use due to massive view obstructions and slow rotate radius, plus it strips a player away from teammates. I'm not sure how I feel about the Assault class AT launcher in the base game being in comp, but I feel the need for something more than just close range explosives to take out armor and either put the AT guns in better spots or scrap the idea. I've seen some cases on Sinai where the tank is up on high ground and is just destroying everything because there's no long range AT support available. Maybe we can see a nerfed more comp friendly AT ROCKET GUN that does way less damage to Infantry, with less ammo.
-Already voiced some concerns on 2D/3D spotting in my first post here, and will bring it up again. Should it really be as advanced as it is for all kits across the board? Kits other than Recon/Control Leader type kits should not have access to 3D spotting or as equal..However, have the ability to "ping" a location like in R6: Siege of the general area of potential threats. The additional kits would still see 3D targets spotted by Recons and Leaders. The leaders and recons should be the eyes of the team, their goal should always be providing enemy intelligence to their teammates and map awareness. With how it is currently, most players generally have a pretty good clue where the enemy is at, especially by the enemy simply firing a weapon and showing up on 2D. It would introduce a new dynamic to the game, and make the passives you have put on Recon and Leader kits much more important. Remove lazy intel functions. Make eyes and ears important. Make people work together if they want to win.
-Mentioned in last post, friendly fire should be turned on. Self explanatory, we're trying to be competitive right?
BASICALLY: We need kits to actually need other kits to thrive and truly succeed. If all kits can technically fair well or make due without each other, we’ll continue to see lone-wolf play. Overwatch does this mechanic very well. We can continue to tweak kits so we don’t have to have mandatory class compositions in order to literally win rounds, but we need to see changes to in game mechanic fundamentals first to create the environment we need for testing. I've seen a lot of non-mic communicating support in this sub so far. I think the point of Incursions is to create and compete as an actual eSport. It needs to be treated as such. Sure, if you want casual matchmaking then the current state of Incursions is pretty close to that goal.. but if you want to compete with the success of games such as CSGO, it's time to look into the mechanics at play here and what it takes to be a real eSport.
Matchmaking improvements for Alpha/Beta builds:
-We all already know how bad match quitters are, I won’t comment much more on it as I’m sure it’s being worked on.
-Let players give reputation to other players. If they use a microphone or good teamwork, let it be rewarded on their stats page. If they quit, rage, talk too much shit, let the community document it.
-Let people queue up together. I know this is extremely early in development but should be an included feature ASAP. People like to play games with their friends and people they're comfortable with. I know this will create cases of teams getting stomped on because a team of friends know how to play together and the other was just a random queue up solo team. This will create a mentality of people wanting to form other teams to beat them. Make the community competitive.
-Sandbox mode/Skirmish mode, let people enter maps by themselves or with friends to go over strategies, kits, maps, tactics, etc. Not just a private lobby. Could help with general testing as well to find bugs, etc.
-Custom private match lobbies of different sizes. Let us test 6v6, 8v8, 10v10. I’m willing to bet 8v8 will be prime once the base mode is polished and there’s 10+ kits. That way if people end up not being happy with 5v5, you have provided the community the ability to do what they want. I think this will be crucial for the success of Battlefield Incursions.
-Custom game mode tweaking. Let us tweak timers, sets, points, and general match settings to see if we can come up with more or better ideas and be able to demonstrate them to the community. Look at Overwatch’s custom game menus, a perfect example.
-Once we get further along with more players we should really start using the Discord and sub-reddit to assemble formed teams and start building the community from the ground up for better match data and stats.
Incursions game mode improvements,
-Flag radius size should be smaller in most sectors with lots of covered areas, lots of people camping/hiding in corners of the radius instead of seeking engagement. Boring to viewers + bad to the flow of the game. This is a pretty big concern because It's happening in every game I've watched actually.
-More In-game voice announcements going on. Honestly hard to tell what’s going on sometimes as a spectator or player. Announcements of winning, losing, coming back, flag capture, neutralizing, flag lost. Player left, voice countdowns, etc.
-The truck should allow players to get in the vehicle to get to the control points quicker or for desired map position. It would make for good tactics in having to decide for quicker more mobile flag control or heavy support of the tank. If a Squad Leader is present in vehicle, squad members can spawn.
-People should be able to change their kit at the end of each set. Give players the option to switch with each other. There will be cases where someone may want to counter another kit or someone is better at using a kit than another person. Being strapped to one kit for a half doesn’t really allow much flexing or adjusting to what the enemy is doing.
BASICALLY: Overall I'm just not satisfied with the current Incursions game mode. Things lack depth, team cohesion and challenge. It doesn’t reflect the amount of detail that has been put into the kits so far. I have been kicking around the thought of two flags at a time instead of one. All direction to one flag feels one dimensional and forced, which is not the Battlefield experience. Make two control points placed maybe 200-300m apart with smaller cap radiuses or something per sector. I haven't really watched any awesome team chemistry take place in these matches, or anything stick out in these matches that would be worth having an audience. So far, It's just all been about who has the most bodies on the flag at hand and who has made the most consistent kills 1v1 or 1v2. Not mention I think I’ve seen maybe 1 squad wipe happen in the 10 or so matches I've watched, that’s a prime statistic to show teams are not working together or dying together. Not a whole lot of real tactics involved, no true conquest, most firefights don’t feel crucial or match deciding. What made previous Battlefield competition great is the Conquest. Spectate a few games of Incursions then watch this demo of 8v8 Battlefield 2 in 2006 on Mashtuur City(image of map). The teamplay and the whole dynamic of the match is miles above it’s time. I know it’s organized teams and not matchmaking of random people, but I still do not see Incursions reaching this level of competitive play. Incursions simply put, is forced engagements of one area at a time with little team cohesion needed. A probable culprit to why many people are not feeling a true need of mic communication or teamwork. It's basically whoever is better at shooting typically wins, or the team with superior armor. I need to see some samples of actual formed teams working and playing this mode how its intended to be before laying down final concrete feedback. Spectating these matches has been painful, coupled with people quitting mid game almost every game I’ve watched. Endless lone-wolf players and combat feeling extremely spaced out and one dimensional.
Kit Improvements:
-More available options to smoke and cover concealment should be definitely considered, think about how important smoke is in CSGO and even COD in competition when securing map positions.
-In this current mode, a team should have no use for mortars whatsoever unless the team sizes are increased. Mortar support kit should be turned into a full blown support class, it doesn’t make sense for support to have ammo and also be outside of combat because they’re trying to fire mortars safely. Some matches I’ve witnessed two people on mortars at the same time.. stupid.
-Mentioned in last post, and again, Is there really a need for unlocking perks/specializations? Have all abilities and additional specializations/passives standard. I know they don't seem hard to obtain but having newer players against players with everything unlocked will obviously create a disadvantage. If you want a competitive environment, things need to be as stock as and equal as possible between every match and every player. Want to be an eSport and be as big as CSGO? More simple and streamlined the better for you, and the playerbase.
-The weapon selections are interesting, I don’t think they’re bad either. I’m honestly not a fan of a lot of the guns in BF1 but I wanted to bring this up as something to consider, this could be a good topic of discussion. We want things to be skill but teamwork based right? We want firefights to be exhilarating right? We want people watching these matches to go crazy over CSGO type twitch kills, reaction times, insane plays right? How does the possibility of less automatics and more bolt only, semi-auto rifles, shotguns (if balanced currently) in the kits sound.. It would steady the pace of the matches. Make the anticipation of firefights bigger and more critical. Might be worth trying and seeing how it feels. Might not make sense in the next Battlefield, but it does for BF1 and the current kits and guns at play. The more I see of this project the more I wish this was done during BF3 and BF4 honestly. BF1 is probably the least competitive feeling game of the series, in my opinion. Largely due to vehicles at play and the guns.
Kit tweaks and ideas to already existing kits, for fun. (with most suggestions listed above in account):
Combat Recon: (Upfront combat. Goal: Enemy intelligence.)
Primary: M1907 Trench, M97 Trench Gun
Gadgets: Decoy/Placeable Object - Detects enemies within 30m and puts them on the 2D map (not 3D) until out of range, or the device is destroyed. Makes a detectable sound for enemies to destroy if nearby.
Flare Gun.
Grenade: Impact or Smoke
Spotting: Normal 2D/3D Spotting.
Passive 1: Tracking enemy spawn beacons is easier.
Passive 2: Allows spotting the enemy Squad Leader to show up as a unique icon on 2D/3D for easier targeting.
Anti Tank - Assault 1: (Upfront combat. Goal: Anti-Tank)
Primary: Selbstlader Factory, Mondragon Storm
Gadgets: Anti Tank Grenade x2, Limpet Charge x2
Grenade: HE Grenade or Impact
Spotting: Able to ping locations of threats using “Q” that show up on the map for a small duration.
Passive 1: Flak Jacket - Reduces Incoming Explosive Damage by 25% (50% seems crazy)
Passive 2: Limpet Charge.
(Fire bomb AT is meh.. Indifferent to if it stays or goes.)
Anti Infantry - Assault 1: (Upfront combat. Goal: Infantry)
Primary: MP18 Trench, M97 Trench Gun
Gadgets: Crossbow Launcher HE , Tripwire Bomb INC
Grenade: Gas
Spotting: Able to ping locations of threats using “Q” that show up on the map for a small duration.
Passive 1: Explosive Tripwire
Passive 2: Incoming suppression reduced by 25%
Support Marksman: (Back-end support. Goal: Infantry/Tank Suppression)
Primary: Gewehr Marksman / Russian 1895 Sniper
Gadgets: K Bullets, Mortar AIR (only kit where mortar makes sense, if they're gonna be used)
Grenades: Mini or Light Anti-tank Grenade
Spotting: Able to ping locations of threats using “Q” that show up on the map for a small duration.
Passive 1: K-Bullets have a chance of temporarily disabling a vehicles movement for 5 seconds.
Passive 2: Mortar shells can alternate between Airburst/Smoke
Combat Support: (Upfront support. Goal: Ammo, Infantry Suppression and Tank Support)
Primary: BAR M1918 Trench, Madsen MG Trench (both low magazine capacity)
Gadgets: Ammo Crate, Repair Tool (Nerf it so it doesn’t repair as much. If tanks can support Infantry, Infantry should be able to do the same.)
Grenade: HE
Spotting: Able to ping locations of threats using “Q” that show up on the map for a small duration.
Passive 1: Ammo Crates provide more ammo, in a slightly bigger radius.
Passive 2: Super Suppression.
Combat Surgeon: (Upfront support. Goal: Health, Life)
Primary: Gewehr Infantry, Russian 1895 Infantry
Gadgets: Medical Crate, Syringe
Grenade: Smoke
Spotting: Able to ping locations of threats using “Q” that show up on the map for a small duration.
Passive 1: Morale Aura, heals friendly soldiers within small radius.
Passive 2: On Duty, Receive less damage when syringe equipped.
“Not on my watch” perk is a bit much, it should be the teams goal to keep the medic alive.. aka using their own smokes and cover to make sure the medic gets to the downed ally.
Raid Leader: (Upfront support. Goal: Quick but risky frontline positioning, streamline aid)
Primary: Selbstlader 1906 Factory, M1907 Trench
Gadgets: Bandage Pouch, Ammo Pouch
Grenade: Gas
Spotting:Normal 2D/3D Spotting.
Passive 1: On me tweaked: Players can spawn if out of combat/not suppressed for 5 seconds.
Passive 2: Press on.
Control Leader: (Back-end/Upfront hybrid. Goal: Secured forward positioning, Infantry support.)
Primary: Gewehr Marksman, Russian 1895 Infantry
Gadgets: Spawn Beacon x1 (emits detectable sound, stays in place until destroyed or replaced), Crossbow Launcher Smoke
Grenade: Impact
Spotting: Normal 2D/3D Spotting.
Passive 1: On me. Players can spawn if out of combat/not suppressed for 15 seconds.
Passive 2: Smoke Curtain.
For the vehicle operators, as of right now no real tweaks until we see better balance and further tweaks of the infantry kits. I don’t find vehicles overpowered. A good team can take a tank out if they work together, 90% of the time they aren’t. If anything, I’ve enjoyed watching the tanks in Incursions more than anything. I just think they need more balanced counters and support from the Infantry kits once teams start working together to destroy armor.
TL;DR - Incrusions in a nutshell feels too casual and no one will ever want to watch this religiously. Are we trying to create a CSGO contending eSport or no? Various in-game mechanics need to be stripped or heavily modified to create an atmosphere for tactics, strategy, more meta, and FORCED teamwork to be successful. Which includes using your eyes, ears and your vocal cords. If we want to create an unranked casual mode like Overwatch, Siege and CSGO, the current Incursions mode is on the right track. If you want serious players and real serious money (u kno EA luvs dat cash DICE) to enter the series, we need much further development. Make the game serious, streamlined, but also hard to master. Make people want to form teams which in turn will develop and grow your community without you even having to do much. The communities for BF42 and BF2 were massive, we had no support from developers, now we do. Overcoming a serious challenge is a games greatest reward. Lots of gaming developers have forgotten that in the last decade. eSports especially, is not a handout and requires lots of work and care from the developers, down to the players.
Happy holidays, make Battlefield competition in 2018 great again.
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Psyonix: When will you plan fixing you matchmaking?

The enemy team is horribly stupid (no rotation, fails to save a simple shot, miss a slow ball, miss an empty goal) we win with 7-0. Their MMR supposed to decrease, ours to increase.
Next match? I get 2 player from the previous LOSING team, of course we lose.
Also dear White knights, stop splitting your bullshit:
Just go on and read:
And we are just 2 months into the Reddit feed. Just go on, and search every related post in the past year. BTW I quit this bullshit, I hard fought my ass up to Plat 3 Div IV, and then suddenly in an 5-6 losing streak all my mates were an incompetent shit.
If you come with that:
They are on the same rank as you
bullshit then good for you being totally incompetent, unable to think on your own and repeating a stupid phrase. Please spare us with your incompetence.
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[IT Help] Why does your connection suck, and what can you do about it?

So you've been playing Spaltoon2, and those connection errors are really starting to give you that unfresh feeling... Well, squiddo, today's your lucky day! You're getting a crash-course on the the issues you can control.
Let's get a few things out of the way right up front: There is a server, but its primary purpose is matchmaking. Oh sure it may do some clerical stuff, but if you want to get into the nuts & bolts of an actual match, it's not even part of the conversation. The second thing to address is competency and comfort levels: If you have no idea how to configure network hardware and aren't comfortable trying to DIY, then you can just stop right here and do whatever you need to do to have someone else handle this. The third and last thing? A fair amount of consumehome-grade hardware is kinda crap. It's cheap for a reason, and won't be doing you any favors in the long run--moreso if it's one of those wireless broadband modem routers.
So how can a multiplayer game function without a server doing all the things? Simple! Peer-to-peer networking; a mesh network in this case. Once you're playing, your console is sending updates to every other console in the match. One console is treated as a host, usually the first person in the lobby, and that's mainly for the clerical stuff including tower & rainmaker movements. Lots of pros & cons to this arrangement, but the economic factors involved are hard to argue against. It also means that if you're having connection issues in the middle of a match, you're pretty much on your own since the fault lies somewhere between your console and everyone else in the match (and their networks.) It sure is easy to point fingers, but what if it really is your fault?
Alright, let's take this particular bull by the horns... Starting with the hardware, any good tech will tell you that multifunction devices are bad. It's like trying to play CSGO while editing a video, retouching a photo, and recording some phat beats for your new single--It's not going to go to plan as you'll either only do one thing really well or mostly suck at everything (just like those multifunction printers.) I know for certain that AT&T like to saddle its Uverse customers with those modem/routewifi monstrosities. If you're in this situation already, find a way out as soon as you can afford to. Discreet hardware will add many degrees of flexibility and control you never knew you needed now, and probably will in the future.
Moving on. WiFi. It will always kinda suck for the same reason conversations in public spaces suck--the more people present, the harder it becomes to get your point across. Signal strength is only part of the picture. How occupied is the band you're operating on? Interference? If all you did with your hardware was supply an SSID, key and maybe encryption settings, then you've done yourself no favors. Let's tackle the issues in the order presented. If signal strength is a problem, move your access point (AP) to a more-central location. If that's not an option, get another AP and wire it appropriately for good/overlapping coverage--range extenders are very not recommended. Next is the radio map. Check it. There are phone/tablet apps that will show you what APs are in your WiFi neighborhood, and what channel(s) they're operating on even if they're not broadcasting their SSID. Use this information to force your AP to use a specific channel[channel-hopping can be a source of disconnects.] If you have multiple APs, they could be on the same channel, but generally accepted practice is to distribute them based on the above "radio map." Finally, the radio weather. This is where your options are kind of limited. Right up-front, the 2.4GHz band sucks--it's unregulated, and there are devices operating here that aren't network related, like cordless phones, microwaves, and Bluetooth.1 While the band has 11 channels, there is overlap with adjacent channels and spectrum; this is why the favored 2.4 channels are 1, 6 and 11. If you have a dual-band AP, You can escape the Grand Central Station of 2.4GHz and use the regulated 5GHz band. A good dual-band AP will have a setting that will push capable client devices from 2.4 to 5; it may be named "Band Steering" or something similar. The only requirement is to have identical SSID/key/security settings on both radios. If that isn't an option, set up a dedicated 5GHz SSID and put your console on it. Auto-channel comments still apply here. The final solution is a LAN adapter; I don't own one so I can't and won't comment.
I'd bet the vast majority of people have some form of "broadband router" that combines the function of a switch and firewall (possibly cable/dsl modem as well,) and provides some limited network services (DHCP.) What you've gained in convenience and cost-savings, you lose in flexibility and functionality. If it was ISP-supplied, you're likely getting dinged by their rental fees on top of that. If you're stuck with one of these, your best bet is to look up the Nintendo support docs for putting your console in the DMZ. Consider this a temporary measure only as exposing any device to the internet is very, very bad security practice. If you're still unsure why this hardware is a bad idea, also consider that they have limited memory and processing power. It has to maintain a record for each and every incoming and outgoing connection, process any filter rules and port-forwards, and try to keep malicious traffic out. Most importantly, they are largely considered "Abandonware." They may see an update or 2 in the first year or 2 of life, but they're not automatic. A dedicated firewall from Sonicwall/Fortinet/Cisco/Watchguard will receive updates so long as a support contract is in place and they haven't retired the product line. *NIX firewall projects like pfSense have been around for a very long time and can utilize common computing hardware that may be too slow for use as a workstation.
I've posted comments elsewhere about rebooting and updating firmware. It should be clear now why I keep baninging that particular drum. Seriously, do it.
In closing, a bit of perspective: Technology is not the great and perfect panacea. Humans aren't perfect, and we're the ones making this stuff. It's going to have issues, and the makers are disinclined to help because there's no money in it.
1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_2.4_GHz_radio_use
2 https://blog.udemy.com/hub-vs-switch-2/
my network, for reference:
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My skills seems random and I can't become consistent

Alright, this might sound a bit like a rant, and it might be one, too. I have clocked around 600 hours on CSGO, just got to GNIII and 'chaotic player' would describe me best. I am very honest with myself, but I still want to become better in this freaking game. So, here's the deal.
I can't say I 'suck balls' because there are some basics that I have nailed down, and I can say I've got decent gamesense; what I lack in aim I can make up with well-placed grenades, info, economic planning, prefiring and so on. I say I'm chaotic for the following reason: one or two games I'm going in, pulling great shots that are not lucky and all in all my best friend (who is a good player) will commend me. Then next game, I won't be able to hit someone who is next to me and end up dying from USPs when I have an AK, for example. I did have a panic problem but I think I'm slowly fixing this. What frustrates me the most is that I am training. I'll always play at least 30 mins of DM or even load up a bot map and practice all aspects of my aim - one taps, spray control, pistol precision, AWPing, you name it. I'll end my practice impressed by myself and sure that I'm going to dominate in the next game. And almost every time, that 'next game' ends up being a massacre, where I feel even worse; it's like every time I train, I subtract from my skill. Of course, no matter how patient I am, around the 3rd game usually I'll be angry and frustrated with myself, always self-aware of my shitty aim. I also feel like I just can't apply what I learn in matchmaking.
I have tweaked my sensitivity, I do practice a lot, I do watch pro plays and WarOwl, I get more than 120 FPS and have an average ping of 60-70 and I'm certainly not going to blame anything on my machine. My best bet is that this is a mental thing, but I just can't fix it. Every time I try to play slow, it seems like my enemies have inhuman reactions and I can't hit that shot I 'stopped and thought about'. Whenever someone strafes, it seems like they know exactly where I'm placing my crosshair and avoids it, whereas it's like they have theirs locked exactly at my position when I strafe. When I play fast, I'll score more kills and avoid more deaths, but I'll miss the easiest one taps. I don't suck at this game because I have seen that I can be a good player, but I'm terribly inconsistent to the point where my good games are 3-4 out of 10.
I'm a bit desperate and don't know what else to do. Enlighten me, oh revered CSGO community.
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Few thoughts/ideas on competitive matchmaking

I'm just throwing in few ideas/questions about competitive matchmaking. Feel free to submit your input whether it's about why they wouldn't work or how would you like to improve the matchmaking experience. I'm trying to keep this short mainly because my English isn't the best but also because I can elaborate later on if people are interested.
1st: Old subject of 128tick servers. Bear with me on this one. Valve seems to be pretty efficient on sucking money out of ppl with virtual items. They really seem to think of everything from stickers to hats. So slow clap for giving us these wonderful game changing hat updates. But seriously though I see people making money out of whats lacking in the game. (I'm not jealous for these guys on the altpug and esea. You are doing gods work proving that game isn't perfect) But in the end they have also proven that some people are really looking to get the perfect experience and are willing to pay for it. So why don't you guys at valve do the same? Give people what they want and make money doing so. Give us option to pay for having a privilege of playing on official valve 128-bit servers. For example 5€/£/$ per month for this premium server option doesn't sound bad at all. Pretty much everyone can make that money just for selling csgo items they've won from bets or so. It might even get rid of hacker or two which is always appreciated when you want to play seriously.
2nd: I would be extremely interested in seeing transparent elo-rank system in csgo. I mean it would be so much more interesting trying to climb up rank if you'd knew what you have to do in order to rank up. (Take League of Legends for example and convert the rank system to csgo)
3rd: Bring back overtime. I never really understood reasoning behind taking off the overtime. Nothing is as disappointing for me than to play hard match against someone and end up in tie. One friend of mine even stopped playing this game completely only because of this.
4th: I live in Finland and for some unknown reason we often get in matches against Russian players who has ping above 200ms. I wouldn't mind if this was on rare occasion but it happens so damn often. In my opinion you should add option for us to choose if you want to get in matches less than 100ms ping. I don't mind waiting longer for getting rid of those laggy players.
5th: I would like to get more info about overwatch results. I don't really see it being effective at all. There are way too many cases where someone has obviously cheated and didn't get banned for it. Just to throw in one example, hacker got into my friends account had fun hacking in 5 competitive matches. I mean he had full cheats on 50-80 kills without dying. After that my friend got back his account. Gave me everything he had from his inventory cause he was certain of getting banned, but no. To this day he hasn't gotten banned and I've completely lost my hope on overwatch.
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Gambling & Match-Fixing in Counter-Strike CS:GO - Panorama MATCHMAKING! (+Queue Glitch) If I WIN this bet, I WIN $26,000! (CS:GO BETTING REACTION) THE $15,000 UNDERDOG BET (CS:GO Match Betting Reaction ... CS GO MATCHMAKING FAILED ISSUE FIX!! 100% WORKS

r/csgo: A community dedicated to Counter Strike: Global Offensive, developed by Valve Corporation. A community for discussion, gameplay videos … The move would mark the end of a lengthy career in CS:GO for the Canadian captain, who has competed for a number of notable organisations since 2012, including Liquid, OpTic, and Cloud9. daps also led Gen.G to success at DreamHack Open Anaheim earlier this year, where a stellar showing from s0m helped the team to a first-place finish.. Gen.G have struggled to post notable results since taking ... For ♥♥♥♥s sake, I'm in no way a racist but please just stop matching me with Russians and East-Europeans. The lag is always so terrible it hardly can be considered a game anymore. For example, the hit registration gets so bad that I can camp at the doors in Long A (Dust II), an incoming enemy doesn't see me, I unload at least 8 bullets at them (all hits according to replay) and when I ... to boost = jumping on a teammates back to get to places where couldn't on your own.. caller = the guy who calls the strats. "need drop" = common to say when you cant afford a decent gun, and your teammates have more cash than you. ninja defuse = defuse like a ninja.. demo = the replay file of a match.. mr15 = max rounds 15 (most common competitive game mode).. lo2 = lotto (being lucky). Team Tab There are some tabs that used in the matchmaking. Peering issue with Valve CSGO matchmaking servers ?? It belongs to the same owners of DrakeMoon. You are playing against the site. The best thing about some of this websites is that a lot of them offer you Free coins to start betting! CS GO Roulette is fun and less risky than jackpot.

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Gambling & Match-Fixing in Counter-Strike

THE $15,000 UNDERDOG BET (CS:GO Match Betting Reaction) - Duration: 9:28. juicy Recommended for you. 9:28. How CS:GO's Most Hated Prodigy Became The Smoke Criminal - Duration: 11:50. In this video, I will be showing you how to stop CS:GO from crashing fix 2020. This method will work with most types of crashes with CS:GO. I will be showing... cs:go silver moments - flying one tap hacks, playing csgo with pewdiepie (funny moments) - duration: 10:27. azzythemlgpro 817,215 views Full length MM game with the new panorama UI! This video also tells you how to get the new UI for use in competitive match-making, and how to join your favourite server while in a queue for a game ... So I bet $10,000 on Sprout to beat NiP during ESL Pro League Season 9.. this is the result! Subscribe to see more of my videos! https://bit.ly/2vIPCn0 ...